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Outsourcing your Telephone Reception – A Good Call?

Outsourcing your Telephone Reception – A Good Call?

The Outsourced Telephone Reception sector has seen rapid growth as more of the mainstream professional sectors, such as law and accounting who have traditionally been slow adopters, embrace this modern working practice. Outsourcing their Telephone Reception to a specialist provider who has the expertise, technology and resource to provide a superior service at a greatly reduced cost is now firmly on the agenda of Finance Directors.

At MyRuby, we have seen a major shift in the last two years as the major consultancy sectors embrace the Outsourced Reception approach and this naturally filters into their advice for clients. Once there is a realisation that professional, UK based companies, exist with the high quality telephone service they are looking for the conversation changes from ‘If’ to ‘Why’ and ‘How’. In fact many of MyRuby’s new clients find that they have spoken to one of our Ruby receptionists before without ever realising it!

What are the Key benefits of Outsourcing your Telephone Reception?

Like all outsourced projects the benefits are almost entirely linked to the quality of your chosen provider but in general you should expect to;

  • Reduce cost by moving from a fixed cost model to one based on usage
  • Eliminate missed calls and long waiting times as you move from an inflexible resource to a scaleable team able to cope with varying demand levels
  • Improve service as MyRuby receptionists utilise ‘Complete Picture’ technology to screen and manage callers, minimising interruption but prioritising important callers
  • Eliminate reception cover problems and the need for temps
  • Service is based ‘off-site’ so no internal space or IT requirements
  • Provides a key element of any disaster recovery plan
“I was NOT pleased with the way things went this week, or the experience of having my own Ruby…………I was DELIGHTED!”
MD of one of MyRuby’s recent trials

How Does it Work in Practice ?

The service can provide support for an existing team or a complete reception service. A unique telephone number is provided to the client company. The Client’s IT or Telecoms company programmes their telephone system to divert calls to this number based on agreed criteria. This may be a permanent divert of all reception calls, or just when a call is unanswered for more than a set period of rings or the line is busy. The call is diverted seamlessly and the caller is unaware that their call is being re-routed.

Inside the outsourced reception provider, the call triggers a system (it takes 0.01 of a second in MyRuby) which presents a complete suite of information onto the screen of the allocated receptionist. This Complete Picture technology provides instant on screen access to all of the client’s relevant information. Details of frequent callers, VIP client information, previous callers and the functionality to send a message through or patch a call to any company contact are a few of the available features. It’s these tools along with the exceptional training of the receptionists which ensure a consistent high quality service.

Most companies offer a free trial of the service to provide proof of concept and FD Centre clients can receive an extended FREE trial of two weeks by calling 0800 9880977. Alternatively go to for details of specific industry sectors and case studies.

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