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The CFO Centre Is Always Seeking High Calibre Chief Financial Officers

If you are a highly experienced and qualified CFO with a minimum of 5 years hands-on CFO experience, you’re energetic and have significant entrepreneurial drive, then a part-time portfolio career with the CFO Centre could be for you.

This unique opportunity will suit Chief Finance Officer who want to work in a dynamic business environment, with other like-minded professionals, who are seeking to build a portfolio lifestyle and provide excellent value to our clients.

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“The CFO Centre is always seeking high calibre Chief Finance Officer looking for a challenging and varied role within the finance management sector. ”

To join the CFO Centre you will need to:


Share our values. We believe that successful businesses not only need outstanding commercial skills but require a strong and aligned culture in which to thrive. We are proud of our culture. Prospects, clients, suppliers and staff tell us that we are refreshingly different. Our three core values “open, progressive and passionate” provide the foundation on which the culture is built. We seek individuals who are aligned with our culture and values.


Demonstrate that you have a strong empathy towards owner managers in the mid-tier marketplace in which we operate and a strong desire to engage with business owners to create a position as the “trusted advisor of choice”. We require team members who can work with our clients over the long term with a laser focus on excellent customer service.


Have the ability to fund the start-up phase of joining our team. During your start-up phase it may take time to build your client base, dependent upon your current situation this could take 3-6 months before earnings start to flow. You will require enough financial stability to cover your personal expenditures during this period.


“Clean and team energy”. We require individuals who can put all their energies into being part of our team. At this stage you must be willing to work a minimum of 3 days per week with the CFO Centre and fully embrace all aspects of working as part of our local, national and international teams.


Be willing to “open up”. A key value in The CFO Centre is openness. The CFO Centre CFOs are encouraged to develop completely open relationships both internally and externally. This can only be achieved through a willingness to open up at all levels.

Required Skills and Experience
  • Strong Chief Finance Officer, commercial and strategic background.
  • Track record of excellence, achievement and entrepreneurial drive.
  • Desire to work directly with business owners, with a passion for making a difference.
  • Business development experience of benefit.
  • Confidence and gravitas.
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills.
  • Enjoys working in a team and collegiate environment.
  • Able to develop a strong alignment to the company’s culture.
  • Breadth of sector and transactional experience a must.

I wish to apply

If you are interested in applying please upload your CV and provide an overview of what it is that appeals to you about a part-time portfolio career plus the skills and experience you feel you have that will help you to be successful in this role, including any business development experience.

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    The CFO Centre Recruitment Process

    In order to join The CFO Centre all applicants will need to complete our 4 step process:

    1. Be successful at application stage (CV and overview)

    2. Complete 2 profiling questionnaires
    (Think Feel Know, approximately £38 (sterling, charged in the UK) and Thomas International, no charge) Phone Interview with Team and Business Support Director

    3. Personal Interview with Regional Director

    4. Personal Interview with CEO or another Regional Director