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Introducing the UK Advisory Network

Introducing the UK Advisory Network – UKAN

The UK Advisory Network (UKAN) is a free-to-join network for experienced service providers, providing new investors and other potential clients with a source of trusted contacts. UKAN is a gateway for your company to get new business from investors in the UK or UK companies developing their business overseas.

What is it?

The UK Advisory Network (UKAN) was launched in 2008 by UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) to better assist Government and Private Sector organisations to work more closely together to better assist companies interested in  investing  in the UK and from UK companies developing their business overseas.

The Network is made up of members from a number of sectors with wide and specific experience in trade and investment, enabling companies to explore setting up in the UK or starting up elsewhere with people who are actively engaged in these processes.

It also offers opportunities to get first hand briefings from government experts in Tax, Planning, Skills and Migration, to give feedback direct to government on issues affecting your business environment and attend UKAN networking events hosted by the likes of BA.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for joining UKAN, although members are encouraged to submit articles for publication on the UKAN site in the spirit of information sharing with fellow members.

How does it work?

The process is very straightforward. You can submit an application online at , provide references demonstrating expertise in working with investors and/or overseas business, and sign up to the Network’s core values. Processing takes a few weeks, after which you are told if your application to join UKAN has been successful. Your details and link to your website then appear in the UKAN online directory, accessible to all visitors to the site – potential clients and investor support networks worldwide.

Why should I join?

The UK continues to attract high levels of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Central and regional government provides support to a good number of those investors, but many more make their own way through the process of getting their business up and running. UKAN provides ready access to the right expertise (could be yours) at the right time, helping the new business to set up quickly. The UKAN member gets the business, and the UK’s reputation as a good place for business is further enhanced.

The other UKAN business stream is from UK companies developing their business overseas – so another source of new business for members with an overseas presence or specific market experience for example.

Next Steps

If you feel that your organisation would be able to provide support and advice to companies wishing to invest or expand in the UK, or to extend their services to overseas markets and would like your organisation to be considered for inclusion as part of the UK Advisory Network, please complete the short enquiry form and UKTI’s contractor, fuse8 will contact you to progress your application. If you want to discuss the UK Advisory Network further please contact [email protected] .



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