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Free Financial Health Check – Register Here

Free Financial Health Check – Register Here

In those rare and few moments when you sit at your desk and look at your business do you…

…feel you may be missing something in the organisation of your company’s finances?
…know you can improve your financial management somewhere but aren’t sure where?
…believe ‘a fresh pair of eyes’ would help move your financial strategy to the next level?

Imagine spending some time with the ex-CFO of British Airways, Mothercare, or another large organisation. Well, that’s what we are offering…

…an hour with an experienced chief financial officer with a world of experience; now you’ll understand the value the CFO Centre’s free financial health check could add to your business.

As you will see around our website; the CFO Centre is dedicated to helping businesses – helping them grow, helping them overcome problems and helping them to meet their objectives and goals through thick and thin; after all, that’s the role of a chief financial officer.

Our free financial health check will provide 3 clear benefits to your business:

  • Time for you to talk with an experienced CFO – getting some answers to your questions.
  • A bullet point guide to the improvements you can make across your business – helping you create a future plan.
  • An in-depth look into one of the areas – a report on the most important topic you choose.

It is our intention to deliver real value through our time with your business.

So, those businesses who contact us will receive valuable advice and a steer in strategy for their financial planning.

Why offer this? Well, in return we receive an insight across numerous businesses that will enable us to serve our clients more efficiently and help our regional and national partners (banks, lawyers, accountants, IFAs and many other professional service providers) to understand what is going on within their clients’ businesses. A win-win situation for both parties.

To register for our free financial health check simply click here.

All financial health checks are carried out totally confidentially.


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