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Data Issues?


Turning business information and data into something meaningful and useable can be the difference between growth and stagnation. It’s about being able to extract critical insights, understand trends, predict what might happen and run a smooth, efficient operation.

What is a Business Dashboard? Business intelligence dashboards are a powerful way to combine multiple data streams into a single secure display to create improved secure management information reporting. Your finger on the business pulse!

Business intelligence dashboards can easily communicate and extract data from any standard data storage including relational databases, flat data files, Microsoft Excel, reporting tools such as Crystal Reports, legacy data systems, etc. This provides business dashboards with the ability to serve as the common user interface on a layer of diverse and disparate data sources.

iDashboards deliver a robust solution that scales from 10 to 10,000 users. It comes with role-based permissions, security framework and live connectivity to most data sources. It also provides e-mail based alerting capability.

Why should I use iDashboards?

Business iDashboards technology is the new face of reporting. Specifically, this dashboarding tool is replacing traditional reports with a quick and easy solution that offers a visually rich presentation of real-time data.

With business dashboards, executives can look at the data gathered by their reporting procedures and make well-informed yet quick decisions. How? idashboards’ visual display (e.g., bar charts and line graphs) consolidate and arrange data needed to achieve one or more objectives onto a single screen, so users can understand trends and correlations at a glance and make better informed timely decisions with these information management systems business dashboards.

  • Automate and secure your Excel management information reporting
  • No Programming Required
  • High User Adoption
  • Immediate Return on Investment – High ROI
  • Demos and applications across most sectors
  • Quick Implementation – taking less than ½ day to install, less than 2 days to train and being able to generate charts and dashboards within the 1st day – all pointing towards rapid implementation and therefore rapid payback. We have deployed over 100 charts in only 3 days on one customer site.

Click here to View Example Demo Dashboards – By Sector or by Function


OUR OFFER TO YOU: We’re offering the first 3 businesses to apply, to build a demo dashboard for you and your colleagues or your clients to evaluate FREE OF CHARGE.  This offer also includes a complementary 30 day trial to evaluate how we can make a real difference to your business – Interested? Visit and leave your details.   Data issues are shared by businesses in every sector. It’s easy to collect facts and figures, but how do you set that data free to see the rewards of competitive advantage and improved efficiency? For data to deliver something meaningful, you need to collate, structure, streamline and display that information, to all involved, at every level.

If you’ve got any niggling doubts that your data isn’t performing, then having the correct processes and tools will give you all the intelligence you need to streamline business functions.  Supporting your staff and presenting a “joined up” organisation to your stakeholders.

For more information on idashboard or data management, then contact Charles Halden, Managing Director, Versent Ltd, 01179 730009 or visit the website at


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